About Me

Growing up in a STEM oriented environment gave me a love for science and technology from an early age. When the time came to look past high school I decided to purse a bachelor's degree in Physics. It was a good compromise between the field of engineering that was too practical for my taste and the more theoretical alternatives. Managing at the same time to tackle both mundane as well as exotic topics and make them approachable.

After graduation I worked as a Physics and Mathematics tutor for several years. However at some point I decided that I wanted to change my career. After trying and failing to reconcile my work schedule with the time requirements of various master's programs in various universities I found the perfect match in the Hellenic Open University. Allowing me to pursue my interest in parallel with my work.

In 2015 after finishing my Master's in Information Systems I subsequently found work as a developer and software engineer for a consulting firm in Belgium. The next three and a half years where an interesting and unique mix of acquiring applied and theoretical knowledge on the job in a wide array of tools and technologies. Driven by the diverse needs of both the client base and the company projects in combination with the move to a new country forced a steep learning curve. The personal and professional growth however was worth the effort and the experience is one that I do not regret at all.

Contact Details

Georgios Manakanatas
  Draakstraat 32
2018 Antwerp, BE

  0030 6977 13 82 53


Hellenic Open University

Master's Degree in Information Systems 2012 - 2015

Curriculum: Information and Communication Technologies.
Main subjects: Computer Networks and Communications, Computer Architecture,Software Engineering, Software Design and Management Processing.
Thesis title: ”Blocking Inference Channels in Outsourced Data Mining.”
Relators: Prof. Ilias Stauropoulos, Prof. Basilios Berikios

University of Crete

Bachelor's Degree in Physics 2000 - 2009

Curriculum: Physics and Mathematics.
Main subjects: Quantum Physics, Atmospheric Physics, Introduction to Circuit theory, Applied Geophysics, Elements of Electronics, Introduction to Optoelectronics, Financial Mathematics, Computational Physics



Software Architect November 2019 - today

As software architect for the data science hub at VITO my work focuses on the following:
Designing specifications for our new projects or identifying areas that need improvement in our existing ones and providing realistic schedules for implementing them. Providing solutions to the unique problems that a research organization faces is rarely something that tis possible with existing software. Therefore, out of the box thinking for changes to existing software or custom solution development are often mandatory.

Working with my colleagues in the Data Science Hub to provide training in the tools and technologies that are quickly becoming requirements for researchers. As the volume of data that researchers have to work with increases and the push for increasing efficiency intensifies there is an ever growing need to automate as much of the work as possible. Identifying the sweet spot of the knowledge that researchers need to acquire as well as a clear and simple path to do so is key in supporting the organization’s digitization efforts.

Hands on software development. Mostly in Python and JavaScript and always with an eye towards making the final product as user friendly as possible.

Apogado CVBA

Software Engineer / Consultant April 2016 - October 2019

As a software engineer in Apogado I focused mostly on back end development and more specifically the following:
Expanding and modifying the eGov connector SOA product. Running on the Talend ESB but relying only on Java and open source Apache components to avoid vendor lock in.
Preliminary architecture and continued development for the GDPRBox product. Built on a JavaScript only mentality on a MEAN stack.
As well as small ad hoc development for clients as the need arode and Unit ,API testing for all projects.

As a consultant I mostly focus on evaluating client processes and software with an emphasis on overall architecture, security, user experience and support / documentation.
I also do small scale best effort scripting development or infrastructure as code when needed to meet any pressing requirements.

Hellenic Open University

Master's Thesis September 2014 - September 2015

Knowledge hiding and Association rule hiding, hiding frequent itemsets, exact knowledge hiding through database extension, k-anonnymity, Rob frugal anonymisation, Apriori data mining algorithm. Python programming, tkinter GUI package, LaTeX text editor.

Freelance, Heraclion & Athens, Greece

Physics & Mathematics tutor September 2004 - September 2015

Physics and Mathematics tutoring for high school and junior high school students. Advanced Physics and Mathematics classes for College students, preparatory courses for end of semester examinations.

Giorgos Siotos & Aenaon Tutoring Center

Part-time collaboration September 2010 - September 2015

Giorgos Siotos Tutoring Center: 09/2010-09/2011 Physics and Mathematics tutoring for High School and Junior High School students. Aenaon Tutoring Center: 09/2011-09/2014 Physics and Mathematics tutoring for High School and Junior High School students.

Part-time work

Greenpeace & BFS Group March 2006 - November 2007

BFS Group: 09/2007-11/2007 Direct Marketing, Customer Service, Portfolio Management, Database Management. Greenpeace: 03/2006-05/2006 Direct Dialogue Campaigner/Fundraiser.


Good working knowledge of Python, Java, JavaScript, Bash scripting and backend development in the LAMP and MEAN stacks.
Working knowledge in SQL, R and C.

  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Bash
  • Java

Good workng knowledge of Node.js and Express.js framewokrs.
Working knowledge of Apache CXF, Camel, Karaf, Spring, the Talend enterprise service bus.
Basic knowledge of Angular, Bootstrap, Django

  • Camel
  • CXF
  • Express
  • Node

Good knowledge of Ansible, Docker, Selenium, Postman, SoapUI, Oracle VM VirtualBox
Working knowledge of Apache Maven, Jenkins, OpanAPI and Talend Open Studio

Solid mathematical background and analytical skills from my physics studies. Basic knowledge of Data mining as well as data anonymization and de-identification methods.

Less than conversational, learning as fast as I can.
Near Native Fluency, Certificate of Proficiency in English, University of Cambridge.
Fluent, Zeugnis Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung, Goethe Institut.
Native speaker.

My Story

  • My story so far.
    Physicist! Teacher! Software Engineer! Greek!

    Georgios Manakanatas
  • It is widely believed that modern workers will need to change multiple careers during their working lives. Being a scientist I had to validate the hypothesis by experiment, and since no one I knew seemed to be prepared to volunteer to be my test subject that left me with only one option: I would be my own guinea pig! So a few years ago I set out to start a new career and see how things would go, for science of course!

  • My background was a diploma in Physics from the University of Crete. My first profesional steps where as a tutor of Physics and Mathematics working both freelance and in collaboration with various tutoring centers in Heraclion and Athens in Greece. In paralel however I had always been involved with compluters as a hobby and when time came to switch careers this interest allong with my good mathematical background from my diploma made the IT field an easy choice

  • After some failed starts trying to find a part time master's cource that would not clash with my working schedule I found the perfect match in the Hellenic Open University. Three years lots of coffee and long nights later I was armed with an M.Sc. in Information Science, knowledge of Software Design and Management Processing, basic coding skills as well as data mining methods and tools from my Thesis. With these I started testing the hypothesis that someone would actually pay me to apply these new skills in practice.

  • Predictably the opportunity presented itself in a manner consistent with murphy's law. The job I found was one in data integration put none of my fledgling skills in data mining, python and C to use and required a completely different set presenting a new and steep learning curve. Familiarizing myself with a new set of middleware frameworks and tools as well as new languages on the job was often hectic and always stressful but after a few years of working in the field I am now confident in my abilities.

  • While it's too early to tell the experiment seems to be going well. I have moved on to work as a software architect at VITO providing me with new opportunities and challenging me to put all the skills I have developed so far to the test!